The Tour d’Auvergne multi-sports club in Rennes has had a tricolor logo for many years, illustrating a boar and the initials of the association within a badge. The roller hockey section has more recently declined this identity with a logo evoking field hockey, by making the boar a mascot.

Logo de Rennes TA
Ancien logo de la section Roller Hockey
Concept de drapeau avec le logotype

New concept

The new graphic identity uses this mascot on a main logo. The texts are found on a secondary logo and a logotype. Each of these logos adopts graphic codes specific to the world of sports, and in particular field hockey, with a particularly minimalist design.

Logo principal

Primary logo

Logo secondaire

Secondary logo




Détails des logos

R for…

The main logo takes the form of the letter R, as a reminder of the club’s city. This same shape is used on the text logo (or logotype), which then reinforces the consistency of the graphic identity.

The ermine, the Breton emblem

A major symbol representing Brittany is hidden within the main logo. The ermine subtly draws a part of the boar, reinforcing the dynamism of the mascot with the slanted position of the Breton symbol. This same symbol is also represented in a more obvious form on the secondary logo.

Détails des logos

Main colors

000 C

Black 6 C

715 C


Logo alternatif


Composition du motif




Maillot clair
Maillot clair

Light jersey

The graphic codes of the three jerseys are voluntarily very classic, consolidating the sobriety of the graphic identity and ensuring a perennial style of the jerseys. Classic, but still modern, the light-colored jersey displays certain details that take up elements derived from the graphic identity. Patterns on the shoulders and sleeves add relief to the entire jersey. In the same way, discreet lines in the background of the mascot reinforce the contours of the logo on the front of the jersey. The typography used and detailed below, is voluntarily rectilinear to follow the codes of the graphic identity and the design of the jerseys.

Détail du maillot clair
Détail du maillot clair
Détail des maillots
Détail des maillots

The restriction of the number of colors allows to reach a quasi two-color process making all the particularity of this jersey. Striped patterns appear discreetly on the logo at the front of the jersey, on the number at the back and to subtly display the letters TA on each sleeve. The shoulders are also characterized by the presence of a discreet pattern, reminiscent of the one used on the clear jersey.

Maillot foncé
Maillot foncé

Dark jersey

Maillot alternatif
Maillot alternatif

Alternative jersey

To complement the previous two jerseys, the color orange is used as the basis for this third jersey. The design of this alternative jersey is as minimalist as the other two jerseys to form a homogeneous whole. Among the details of this jersey, the letters TA are hidden in the patterns on the sleeves.


Concept de casque de gardien


Concept de casquette

The logos of this graphic identity have been designed to be used with a limited number of colors. These constraints are well known for the manufacture of merchandising in silk-screen printing or embroidery. Monochrome or two-color, the possibilities of creation remain numerous whatever the constraints imposed.

Concept de sweat à capuche
Concept de t-shirt