Logotype de l'Hormadi d'Anglet


Since 1970, the Anglet ice hockey club named Hormadi, has set the pace for the sporting life of the Basque Country. Playing at the highest level of French hockey and rubbing shoulders with rugby and surfing among the local sports, Hormadi has contributed to the dynamism of the region for more than 50 years now!

The Angloy club has seen its graphic identity evolve over time. In recent years, the club has been recognized in particular by the Basques or by all hockey enthusiasts by its very unique logo with the letter H as a major component. This letter with its particular typography and the moving puck that accompanies it, are also the main markers of this logo.

Anciens logos de l'Hormadi d'Anglet

Old logos (1969-2007)

Logo de l'Hormadi d'Anglet jusqu'en 2021

Logo until 2021

New concept

In 2021, Hormadi wishes to support its dynamism and modernize its image with a redesign of its logo. The new graphic identity meets this need by taking the markers from the previous logo and adding an additional symbol that particularly characterizes Anglet and the Basque coast: the wave.

Logo principal de l'Hormadi d'Anglet

Primary logo

Logo secondaire de l'Hormadi d'Anglet

Secondary logo

Logo lettre de l'Hormadi d'Anglet

Letter logo

Logotype de l'Hormadi d'Anglet


The Anglet ice rink is an exception, being located a stone’s throw from the ocean, where the waves are often present. Symbolizing the Basque coast and evoking in particular movement, strength and power, these waves combine perfectly with the image of the club and reinforce the meaning of this visual identity.

The letter H, overhanging the wave, takes the typographic style of the old club logo, while adding some subtle curves to it to recall the movements of the waves, as on the other typographies used for the rest of the visual identity. The graphic choices consolidate the modernity of the logos, while guaranteeing them real durability. The inclination, the addition of shadows and lights, the movement of the puck controlling and surfing the wave, moreover affirm the energy of the graphic identity and combine completely with the image of hockey, considered as the fastest sport in the world.

Ice green

Ocean green

Forest green


Basque red



Since its creation, Hormadi has proudly worn the colors of the Basque Country: green, white and red. The new graphic identity retains the emblematic colors of Hormadi, while introducing some green nuances, to more deliberately evoke the elements characterizing the Basque Country and the very definition of Hormadi.

Very useful for bringing light and shadow and perspective to logos, an “ice” green and an “ocean” green then recall the ice rink and the influence of the Atlantic. This new palette maintains the historic colors of the club while bringing a certain modernity. They also make it possible to overcome the limits of a palette of colors exclusively linked to those of the Basque flag and therefore to offer an even more unique graphic identity to Hormadi.


Maillot domicile 2021-2022 de l'Hormadi d'Anglet

The new Hormadi kits help showcase the club’s overall graphic identity. The jersey, in its home or away version, indeed shows the interest of the monogram logo and the secondary logo, while highlighting the new color palette. Finally, another advantage of these additional colors is to bring a difference and uniqueness of the colors compared to other clubs in the league using green, red and white.

The jersey features many details that build on the identity of Hormadi. The sleeves and inside of the numbers feature a motif depicting the bathymetry of the Atlantic off Anglet. At the bottom of the jersey a red line displays the club’s slogan in Basque and French. And for those who will have the eye, a pattern of dots on the shoulders symbolizes the sand, itself present close to the La Barre ice rink!

Photo credit: Jean-Marc Lestage (JML Photos, rights reserved.)


Concept de t-shirts pour l'Hormadi d'Anglet

Fan, from head to toe

The store and its related products maintain a link between supporters and the club, while consolidating the anchoring of the graphic identity of the club. The product concepts below make it possible to imagine Angloy supporters proudly wearing products bearing the Hormadi image on the Anglet beach or elsewhere.

The logos of the new visual identity are perfectly suited to merchandising since they were designed with a refined style and a limited number of colors or in a monochrome version, thus facilitating the reproduction of the logos, in embroidery, screen printing or other techniques. printing. This graphic identity then allows unlimited use of logos, suitable for all types of media, to improve club communication and best convey the image of Hormadi.

Concept de casquette pour l'Hormadi d'Anglet
Concept de tongs pour l'Hormadi d'Anglet

Face Off

Concept d'affiche pour l'Hormadi d'Anglet

«jo ta ke IRABAZI arte»


Concept de bus pour l'Hormadi d'Anglet