Logotype des Aigles de Mulhouse
Ancien logo des Aigles de Mulhouse

Old logo

Logo principal des Aigles de Mulhouse

New primary logo

The main logo uses the eagle as a mascot, with deliberately simplified contours to obtain clean logos. With sometimes sharp and sometimes rounded angles, the typography, particularly modern, goes well with the features of the eagle. The thick outlines give a homogeneous rendering with the mascot and also generate a “patch” effect allowing the logo to be adapted to any type of background, while ensuring the readability of the texts.

Logo mascotte des Aigles de Mulhouse


Logo secondaire des Aigles de Mulhouse

Secondary logo

The mascot logo shows the bottom of the eagle’s head, with a shape carrying a hidden message. We can indeed guess a letter that is drawn with an M for … Mulhouse! The overall shape with its curves and directions also inspires a certain energy which goes well with the image of floorball which is a particularly fast sport and therefore very dynamic.

The secondary logo, which is also found within the main logo, is slightly curved and tilted with a perspective effect. These effects reinforce the dynamism and modernity of the visual and give common graphic markers with the mascot.

Concepts de t-shirts pour les Aigles de Mulhouse

A monochrome version has been designed from the design stage for each logo. These simplified versions in one color, can be used on both light and dark backgrounds, without having to put the logo in negative. These variations are for example very useful for the manufacture of merchandising.

However, the color palette of the visual identity has a limited number of colors, which then makes it easier to produce colored products for a result with more dynamism.

Concepts de casquette et de gourde pour les Aigles de Mulhouse